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Bob Villa’s 20 Clever Ideas for Repurposed Storage

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I couldn’t resist giving you a link to this nifty and brilliant article about how to use recycled goods to make storage devices. From old bed springs to pulls for windows to uses for old dish racks, Bob Villa has come up with 20 ways to use what you’ve got, to organize all your stuff. This is really thinking outside the box — to basically make a box. Hmmmm.

It’s a short pictorial article, fun reading, and inspiring. We have so much stuff to store and organize, the more ways to do it the better. Check it out.

If you want a really professional way to store your excessive possessions, I suggest a quick call to a professional closet organizer. They’ll show you clever ways to store your goods in style. And most do more than closets. If you have a small bedroom where a bed would overpower the space, ask them about putting in a Murphy bed – maybe one that doubles as a beautiful desk! Organize your pantry, home office, walk-in closet, coat closet, den, bonus room, basement, and garage. Garages are particularly fun. Add new cabinets, workbenches, hooks, bike racks, tool storage, and much more.

The point is, you have a lot of stuff. Everyone does. It makes sense to call a professional storage organizer to give you some pointers and help you get your life in order. Being organized is a great feeling. When you are organized, things just seem to fall into place, and you start getting more done, and feeling a lot better. Odd but true. Give it a try.

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