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It’s Magic – Finding Hidden Pipes Underground

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Have you ever wanted to locate a pipe underground? Wondered which way your French drain is going? Or where your sewer pipe is? Or where the water supply line to the house is?
Well here’s an easy free tool… that anyone can make and use to find hidden pipes and wires. Don’t ask me how it works, it just does. I’ve used it dozens of times on jobs. I just keep it in the truck and pull it out when I need it. Try it. Anyone can do it. And it’s fun.  Watch the video and learn how to make and use one.  (You don’t have to wear a coat and tie for it to work!)

Here’s a simple yet effective how-to way to find pipes of all kinds, and even electrical wires, underground.

  • Steven Ballard

    Yes, it works and works very well! I’ve seen a backhoe operator watch gas guys play with their multimillion dollar equipment and eat his sandwich, after they left – he pulled his dowsing rods, checked it, moved some of the markers and started digging :o)

  • rssatcr

    Steven, always good to hear how and who is using these “mythical” methods. Thanks for sharing. Stay in touch and send us more interesting news.

  • JG

    For one thing, the guy in the video confuses the issue by finding wires overhead that the skeptic will say “well yeah, you can see the wires so you’re making the rods turn”.

    Then he finds pipes. I find pipes as well, but only use one rod, don’t see the need for two. If it’s in my right hand, it turns left. In my left hand, it turns right. I was taught how to do this by an old timer excavator when I was designing a house and needed to absolutely know where the sewer pipe coming in off the alley ended so I could jog my foundation so later the excavator could dig straight down and find the end.

    He showed me, I found exactly where the pipe ended, drew my plans accordingly, months later we dug down and there it was, just like the rod told me.

    I have absolutely no doubt that I can find underground pipes (sewer or copper water lines coming in from the water meter pit etc). Why anyone would doubt that me and others can do this is more of a mystery than the fact we can. I’ve never tried looking for water.

    The old timer said “not everyone can do this” and it’s true. I’ve let maybe 20 people try this and only two could do this, one only yesterday. You should have seen the look on his face. When he got over the pipe he said he could feel the force turning the rod. Like most others, I don’t really care why I can do this, I’m just glad I can and have proved I can many many times. I keep a bent welding rod with a copper sleeve (so the rod turns easily) in my truck at all times.

  • JG

    Real active forum you got here! Me again. I’ve shown two more people how to do it. Both were laughing so hard at the idea they couldn’t hold the rod steady. I told them to stop laughing and they just laughed more. Guess they weren’t believers. Man, I was stone cold serious when my excavator showed me.

  • Matt Richards

    Used divining rods to locate pipes while putting in a fence today. It works! Thanks for the video :)

  • rss3

    Glad it worked. It’s a weird science but it works in all kinds of ways. You can even find graves – and some say you can figure out the sex and which way the head or foot is pointed.

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